Day 4, Icelegacy Chugach

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Today 10 hours of  straight work out… Looks like Columbia glacier is better than the gym for exercising, ahahahah.

Ok no more laughing.Another day rumbling on the ice. I have to admit that we worry about our sleds. We stopped twice to do some repairs today. The ice is raw here and it’s tough for the sleds as they get quite hammered.

Up and down, up and down, we are still making progress using two sleds each and carrying a 15-20 kg backpack. Few times also, we needed to carry the whole load again back and forth on the middle moraines. We are constantly repacking our gear. So glad that the weather was pretty good!!

The good news is that we are at 865m elevation. Both Borge and I are quite impatient to reach the snow so we can use our skies. For the moment they are out of job in this ice territory. But soon, they’ll glide and we’ll enjoy to rest our lower back, hips and knees from the past 4 days. Life is better when you ride, right?

We are camping on a safe snow patch facing some big blue ice blocks pointing to the sky. The fog is coming… let’s see what the day bring tomorrow.

One more thing. Chugach is wild. ‘

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