Day 4, Karanga camp

Published 16.06 in category Kilimanjaro June 2019

We woke up to a chilly morning at 0630. The ground was frosty and Barranco camp was still in a cold shadow. But the sky was clear and the breakfast wall was calling for us.

Everyone slept fairly well, and after breakfast we were as ready as we could be. Left camp at 08:15 and could see tiny people looking like ants on the wall in front of us. The wall was done by scrambling up through the rocks. And it sure was a sight!

We are all now in camp Karanga which means peanut in “swahili”.

Though some of us have some headaches, nausea and feel tired, we are all happy to be here and excited about the days ahead!

All the best from us at Karanga Camp

PS! Happy birthday to Cico from Ute, Lucas and the rest

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