day 4. Nunatik T3

Published 25.08 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016

Today we broke camp at eight in beautiful calm weather.

Close to our site was a Nunatak, and the first aim of the day was to conquer this imposing mass of rock and ice. Luckily the ice covers almost all except the very peak. We were also provided with a gentle slope of snow on its backside, so when we took of the skis it was a one minute walk to the summit. We were met with a magnificent view of our surroundings and after a quick survey we found out it was missing a cairn! Are we the first? It might have been under ice during Nansen’s time…. Anyway, we quickly built one and named the probably already named Nunatak, Nunatik T3. I am afraid only the well versed in ancient Greenlandic history can decipher its meaning, as google will be of little use…
After this we skied for the remain of the day under quite good conditions, doing 19 kilometers until we reached our current destination: a cozy, warm and smelly tent with Odins realm in the horizon.
To my family, friends and Solveig, back home or abroad I say this: Life is good.


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