Day 4, Walking on clouds…

Published 06.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

Walking on clouds.

We started the day with a frisky wind from south east but warm temperatures. We are now trough the icy maze and are now starting to see the contours of more flat surroundings. The landscape is flattening out and the ice is bulging out of the snow everywhere, proof that the spring is around the corner.

We did 8 hours total, were we walk for 30 or 50 minutes and have a break for 10 minute. We covered 16 km, considering the snow is soft and gives us a lof friction, this is a very good distance.

We are now at 1065m of altitude, and in good position to get up on the plateau.

Team member of the day is Samuel aka the lion tamer. He is from UK but lives in Spain. Already has some adventures under his belt, like the seven summits… and probably a lot more, he is not the bragging type of guy… Educated as a engineer he is “thinking about getting a job”. He seems like the guy who is always in a good mood. Laughing and joking a lot.

All the best from all of us on the ice, S.

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