Day 5, Chugach mountains, We have reached the snow!

Published 25.07 in category Ice Legacy Chugach Alaska

Chugach – Day 5

We have reached the snow! It was definitely time for us and for our sleds to get on some nicer ground. Otherwise we were all going to end up old and broken ;-).

We went from 800m elevation to 1600 meters. The weather wasn’t bad but white out so on the way up we had to reconsider our route a couple of times but finally we managed to find our way.

I have to admit that there is bad news though. I lost my pair of crampons. I was hoping to use them for a while during the ascent of the steep hill but unfortunately they were missing from my sleds. It has been quite a lot of carrying lately, going back and forth, adjusting the gear in the sleds, organizing the backpacks… They might have been ejected from the sleds when we were on difficult terrain. Or I left them on the ground. We’ll never know… Borge reacted very nicely to it saying “it could have been me or anyone”. Feels good to have a partner like him. We have to still make the best out of it. C’est la vie! And continue our progress.

It’s still white at the moment. Hopefully it will clear tomorrow for a good day of skiing. We are surrounded by mountains.








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