day 8 on nansen’s footsteps…

Published 28.08 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016

Sunday morning at 5.30 in the tent: the burner is roaring,  is napping and the other one is taking care of his feet. Smelly socks hanging from the ceiling inside, the sun is hanging on the sky outside, the porridge smells promising. Yeah, life is good!
Yesterday started again with fog, but it got clearer during the day and at the end, we could even see the last two Nunataks far far behind us – probably the very last glimpse from the Eastcoast. A day of good skiing surface and nice – partly warm – temperatures.

Signed, Ursula

With a height of over 2200m and good visibility, we have arrived in the realm of the “white horizon”. Walking in this magical outer-space world, which is not totally flat but slighly wavy, I have the sensation of skiing on the spot and the icy earth rotating below me. Haruki Murakami’s weird phantasies on my mp3 player suit this strange world well in which we are the only humans in an area of Northern Germany.
We are a very good small team that works together well!
Kisses to my beloved Susanne, Lia and Aenne!
Signed, Steffen

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