Day 8th, 11th January, a challenging day

Published 12.01 in category South pole last degree 2020

Homing in on the South Pole!

A challenging day. Did 13km in pretty windy conditions. 7-8m/s. A bit more that yesterday, but it turned a bit more south so we felt it well.

Catherine started the day well. But then we got into a sastrugi field and the sledge plus the uneven surface built pressure on her heals and made the pain come back. I helped her out by easing her sledge and she then braved on. Tough lady 🙂

By the end of the day the wind decreased and we even got spots of sun! Nice… The distance means we have 13 km to the turn-in point + another Km to the real Geographical South Pole!!! we are very excited and hope all is on our side tomorrow for an awesome day.

Home base indicates the wind will indeed weaken and we will see the sun, and we really hope so!

Position: (-89.8775, -80.6976)  – Vince Colliard

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