Day 9th, 12th January, The South Pole !

Published 13.01 in category South pole last degree 2020

Congratulations ! Right after eight o’clock Chile time our 3 heroes reached the Geographical South Pole!

In amazing weather they saw the Amundsen-Scott Science base grow up on the horizon. You first got to a waypoint and from there go the last km into the area. There are 2 main places. The ceremonial place where there is a circle of flags and the shining bowl. A bit further away is the pin that is put down each year. It marks the exact geographical point of the South pole. This actually moves about 10 metres every year – or, to be precise, it’s the ice that moves…

Maria, Catherine and Vince did the photo and the tour before going over to the ALE camp. Here, in hospitality tent, they could get back on a chair and toast that they really did it.

They are now heading back to Union Glacier as the flight to Punta Arenas is not far away. We do not know when they fly as there have been quite some delays due to bad weather in that area. Now the weather is good so a lot of people is about to get out. More to come

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