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Published 26.12 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

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Santa recommends you visit the North Pole with our Last Degree Expeditions soon!

Sunday: Thanks for dropping by last night. Really appreciated that, and the kids loved it. Great too that you took time off to have a drink and a chat, – even though it meant I could not get the South Pole blog written. But those guys are still in the same place, so not much to report.

It was interesting to hear how inspired you were from following our blog. And you are right, their trip with the Ross Barrier, the Axel Heiberg Glacier and the relentless Plateau is incredible. I can see your point that it may be a good idea to move the Santa Home & Workshop from the North Pole to the South. We have also bee worried for quite some time about the decrease in ice up there. Out Last Degree trips there is popular, ‘cause we do not know how long our unique setup may work if the ice continues to melt at this rate.

For you it must be even more worrying. I hope we were able to give to some sound advice and facts. Our knowledge is at the highest level, and as you pointed out, no one else have contemplated staging and ‘Open Expedition’ along this very tough route (I know you called it guided, but that is not how we handle these kind of trips). We have helped lots and lots of expeditions over the years, and would be happy to support you in a visit down there. To have a look first, even though the Big Centennial Celebrations is over, Antarctica’s enormity, uniqueness and beauty will always stay with the very few that is allowed to go.

And the guys? On the positive side: They got a White Christmas! On a (slight) downside was another day of headwind. That meant staying put and more training with kites. They feel now very much ready to go. But, in the evening, they all got together in a one tent and celebrated together. Christmas Dinner was – eh – like all the others. But the dessert was 1 kg of sweets!

Christian, Silje, Jacob, Gørild, Teo and Rory


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