Delicious visions of crêpes with blueberries

Published 12.02 in category North Pole 2006

“We have now reached N82?49’10”, and our longitudinal position is E105?10’25”. Mike and I walked 18 km today, and the wind and currents gave us an additional 2 km last night. Conditions are favourable. I have rarely seen such good…” (poor connection)

Twenty kilometres is their best day yet since the expedition left firm soil. Børge and Mike are greatly encouraged by a combination of improved ice conditions, northerly drift, a lack of bothersome wind, and pulks that become lighter for each day. They now “only” have 802 km to go until they reach the North Pole.

They may not be sleeping much in their icy cold tent, but whether dreaming or conscious they have recurring visions of tasty food! Børge reports a longing for blueberry crêpes with sour cream, while Mike counts chocolate-coated marshmallows as others would sheep.

The duo is taking every precaution possible to avoid problems in the extreme cold – and the factor they most yearn to change right now, is the temperature.

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