destination reached. East coast !!!

Published 31.05 in category Greenland Spring 2014

Hi, this Are, speaking for the expedition.

We have finally reached our destination in the East coast!

Our position is N 65 36.453, W -38 51.361. Our elevation 103 m above sea level. We will be picked up from here tomorrow and on our way to Isortoq, back home and civilisation !

Yesterday we skied for 14 hrs and covered a total of 35 Km.  The weather was very good, no wind at all, just beautiful. And then we had a little celebration on arrival to campsite.

We are all very happy that we have achieved our goal and fulfilled our dreams. We have performed very well as a team and we are very satisfied with that too, and with the memories of what we have left behind. As Gunnar said yesterday, the expedition will continue forever and ever in our minds.

We all want to say hello to family and friends for their support, and to everybody who has been following us on the blog.

So, as I say, we are all glowing with happiness, and somehow wishing that this feeling will never end.

Our best regards to all from the East coast of Greenland : )

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We are on the East coast !

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