Down by the Fjord

Published 23.11 in category Patagonia 2011

Tuesday morning: yesterday they arrived down by the fjord. There is a small hut there in which they had very much planned to stay. BUT it was taken! That was a surprise as this country is hardly run over. This is as desolate as can be. The occupants were Ranges who were there to renovate and make the place better (in case) tourists show up. The chance is that could be you next year?

Anyway. It was good to be out, and now they had just one load left up in the slopes, some 5-6 hours away…

Tuesday Midnight: Bengt called in just as they came back down. This is it! They are down and out and very happy. But it did not come for free. It had been very wet and the return trip had taken 10 ½ hour. But now they were ready for dinner and time to savour what has been an incredible trip. Tomorrow they will be picked up by a Rib (at 10:00) that will fly then back to civilisation. From there it will be a drive back to Coihaique – just I time for a loooong shower and an even longer dinner.

We’ll be back with more.

San Rafael fjorden

The san Rafael Glacier tumbling into the Laguna

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