Down by the Riverside

Published 17.09 in category X'Greenland 2012

Day 24, Sunday 16th September: At lest this was a beautiful day. And a dramatic icefall in sunshine is just fantastic. – At least to look at…
In a mammoth 14 hour day they advanced just some 10 kilometres, in the right direction, but made an unusual amount of detours. Early in the day they were halted by a river of canyon proportions. 10x10x10 metres with vertical sides. After some calculating they (think) they chose the right direction and a after handful of kilometres they managed to round it. But some hours later they got to another huge river. Both these rivers seem to be quite new as a few alder river we know were filled with snow and easy to cross.
The second big river was also followed upstream and by some miracle, after a bit more than an hour they got to a point where the vertical walls just vanished for a few metres and they could ski over. They were more than surprised as some metres further up the walls rose up again. The last part of daylight was spent getting to the edge of the lower icefall. From here they should have some14km left in a wild terrain, but hopefully only one smaller river to negotiate.
They are going to make a big push to get out today / tonight as their food rations are about to be finished. We are eagerly awaiting news.

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