down by the sea

Published 06.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2014

We are finally down by the sea, with all our belongings. Yesterday we first went down with the camp. Pitched it by the sea, close to the Conaf cabin, and the rangers that are responsible for the National Park.
We then had lunch before going up for the last load.
The route down goes on a trail in the rainforest a great area that reminds us how special this trip is. Where else in the world is there a huge glacier, calfing directly in the ocean surrounded by rainforest…
Today we where supossed to be picked up by boat, but wind conditions on the sea made the return trip too exposed. The boat is here in the lagoon, and we will go in a calm weather window tomorrow morning. At least that’s the plan.
All is good, we even have coffee now 🙂 


A stop in the rainrorest

A stop in the rainrorest

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