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They did 29 km the day before yesterday, mainly because they had the wind in the back and could do almost 4 km an hour. But the wind also whipped up the snow surface, creating a lot of sastrugi (Sastrugi is a Russian word for snowdrift).

So yesterday was a bit shorter with 27 km skied in 8 hours, not counting the breaks. It started with the wind in the back, which gradually turned against, which always makes skiing a bit chilly.

But they are on teh way down, 2300 meters now, they was at 2500 at the top, and expedt the drop to increase the next few days. Minus 15 C yesterday morning and around 20 during the night. Summer is coming and together with lower altitude, temperatures will rise.

All si well as before and the while team enjoying every day. The day before yesterday was especially beautiful, Bengt said, with a strong wind drifting snow like a moving carpet towards the low evening sun in the horizon.

They have just seen the camp belonging to a German expedition, probably, and expect to meet them today.

Last camp positions:

Lat+66.183916 Lon-042.320950 Alt +7428 ft (37s ago) 27-May-2013 21:56:04 UTC

Lat+66.240216 Lon-042.906716 Alt +7828 ft (7s ago) 26-May-2013 22:05:34 UTC

Bengt sent a couple of images from the windy conditions the day before yesterday, and the camp yesterday.

2013greenland35 2013greenland36

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