Dramatic Landscape

Published 26.03 in category In Shackleton's footsteps - South Georgia 2013
Yesterday was a very good day. With strong winds and poor visibility we could only follow the GPS coordinates.
The weather eased up in the afternoon, just before we came to the big obstacle of our journey. A 400m steep wall of ice, that we had to rappel down. In this area the weather was outstanding and with the ocean, glaciers and steep mountains around us it was quite a stunning view.
We rappelled down the wall and put up camp a little ways out on the Crean Glacier. Named by a member of Shackletons crew, the “Irish Giant” -Tom Crean.
This dramatic ladscape was also the place where Shackleton and he’s men came down on their journey. With pore visibility and no other way to go they basically sailed down this ridge, on a pile of rope. Amazingly they survived!
After 12 hours of hard work yesterday, today will be a calm day. Tomorrow our plan is to reach the beach. To take a look at the wildlife before heading for the norwegian whaling station at Stromness.
We will take one day at a time, the weather is unpredictable, but we are happy to be finished with the seemingly hardest part of our journey.
– Børge and the Team

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