Drifting Ice

Published 13.04 in category North Pole Last Degree 2014

Report from the Ice, today 13th April, at 10:21 am, by Bengt Rotmo:

Yesterday we drifted to almost 130 degrees during the night, almost everything we did the day before.

It was a heavy day, with strong headwinds the whole day. We ended almost at 130º.

Conditions in general are hard, there’s a lot of snow and heavy winds. We hope it will settle a little. Definitely today the wind is a bit calmer  and temperatures are warmer.

Try to send photos last night before sleep, no luck, hopefully today.

Our position:

Lat89deg1'1" Lon13deg43'20" Alt +1 m (26s ago) 13-Apr-2014 08:07:04 UTC 


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