dry powder snow

Published 28.08 in category Greenland Fall 2015

One day the pulka feels like it is on wheels and you don’t have to use much energy to move it. Next day you are wondering who filled it up with stones… The friction depends highly on the consistence and temperature of the snow. Today we dragged our pulkas on dry powder…

It was our first windy day with stable 10-15 m/s northerly wind that made us unpack our face masks and googles. Despite the sun and cloudless sky the day was cold and we had to put up one our tents to enjoy the lunch.

The wind has not only packed the snow, but also shaped it into dunes that made our skiing a bit more of a challenge. 16 km on a day in the Arctic desert.

Bengt, Rogier, Thomas, Morten and Polona

Our position


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