Drying up!

Published 27.05 in category Greenland Adventure 2014
The adventure team are working hard together with the dogs. The views from the trail are stunning and everybody are happy!

Greenland_tentboundMay 26
Hi this is Astrid again! Yesterday was another stunning day here on Greenland. In the morning we had great weather and a warm tent because of the sun. We used the morning to dry up clothing that got wet the day before. The first part of the day was quite hilly. We worked hard behind the sleds to get up some of the hills. One of us had to go in front to navigate the dogs in rocky areas. At the end of the day we came up in better snow and a flatter area. We mushed along some really nice ice blue lakes and by a nice glacier.

Yesterday evening we skied down to the sea ice and watched seals that was drying up on top of the ice. A wonderful sight! Gudleik went the other way, to take look at the glacier. Right now it is quiet in the camp. The dogs are resting. Quite opposite from sounds when we are ready to go, when the dogs bark, jump and are wondering why we are not moving. We have had some great laughs about these wonderful animals. They are really strong and in good shape, it is amazing to se how Salo are working with them.

A new great day is calling!

Sigrid, Astrid, Morten, Gudleik and Salo

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