Published 22.05 in category Greenland Spring 2018




After 14 days and two storms, we made it to DYE2… The second big goal of the expedition.

It was a great day. Mostly no wind and clouded with some sunshine. Very warm, and the first day we could ski without jacket. We did 20 km in 7 legs and arrived to DYE2 at 18:05. We had a look inside, took some pictures and went on for another hour.

It was nice to reach DYE2, but also nice to put it behind us.

Now the big goal is to reach the “summit”during next week. At a 100 km away, it should be quite manageable, but the weather always has the final vote.

Karen gave us a nice surprise today with smoked salmon wrapped in tortilla and cheese. Yummy!!!

And we finally decided an official name for our expedition: HurriKaren and the Stormriders! x 1.5.


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