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DYE2 is one of the main attractions on the Greenland crossing. Its an abandoned radar station from the cold war. It was left in hurry and is almost intact. The station it is a gigantic landmark, and can be seen from 10´s of kilometers away. Depending on conditions and the route. We saw the first sign 20kilometers away but it went away, and next sign was much nearer.
Close to the old DYE station there is a summercamp – Camp Raven. Here there is two people maintaining a training landingstrip for the american Hercules pilots.

We camped close to camp Raven yesterday, the crew has left for the summer and there is now only a couple of smal buildings. From camp Raven there is a stunning wiev to the DYE station. We left Raven this morning at 7 o´clock and went over to DYE2. Parked our pulkas and had a visit in the station. After that we buckeled in the harness again, changed the course to 335 magnetic and went on to our next goal – Dog camp. We did 23 kilometers from the station in whiteout and snow conditiones. Now and then the sun could be seen trough the clouds.
We expect tomorrow to be much like today. The team is happy and ready for the final legs!
Saludos, Bengt

Latest position:

Lat66deg36’43” Lon-46deg43’40” Alt +1598 m (23s ago) 12-Sep-2013 01:45:05 UTC http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=66.612050&lon=-046.727900


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