dye II

Published 09.09 in category Greenland Fall 2015
There was no whiteout today. In fact it was the best weather you can imagine to spot a snow-white antenna on the icy horizon. Five ‘Bounty hunters’ have been staring in the same direction, but Rogier’s eyes were the sharpest and he won the honor and the prize! In a true team spirit he shared the candies with everybody. We have now spent 3 weeks together and our leisure skiing towards the spherical antenna felt quite like a family trip.

In 16 km the tiny white golf ball on the horizon slowly grew into a metal monster. DYE2 used to be a part of the early warning system from the potential Soviet nuclear missiles. Now its just a monumental reminder of the cold war.
We will leave this milestone behind tomorrow and turn towards the ice fall at the western edge of the ice cap.

The Highway 5

Our position:


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