Dye II

Published 22.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013

Dye II

Sorry about the silence, we were out of internet connection yesterday. But Bengt called in yesterday and said they reached Dye 2 the day before yesterday after a short walk of 15 km.

So a short day to get some rest and explore this strange building in the middle of the Greenland icecap, wich truly is the remains of the cold war. It was a line of similar stations running through the whole Arctic, and which was supposed to give an early warning if Russian bombers were going to swarm the sky. Now its all high tech and satellites, so no need for these old-time stations anymore. But the American air force still use it sometimes for landing training for their C130 airplanes with skis on.

No one called in today, but we got the all ok and the position, which shows that they are almost half way in distance. They will be much faster from here, and soon its all downhill!

Some of the teams that started earlier were actually just lifted of the ice close to the east coast because they ran out of food. We have started at a better time of year I think, and Bengt say conditions are good, so there is nothing that should indicate that our team will experience the same. 2013greenland18

Latest position from today:

Lat+66.411083 Lon-045.285816 Alt +5357 ft (19s ago) 22-May-2013 19:55:59 UTC http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=66.411083&lon=-045.285816

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