entering the icefall

Published 15.09 in category Greenland Fall 2018


Good day on the ice! Weather was perfect, sunny and cold, and the pulkas slide very easy on this conditions.

We can see that we are descending, even our mattresses needs to be pumped up again due to the pressure difference.

There’s less snow now, harder to put up tents, and even more difficult to ski some times due to the slippery ice! It looks like we are walking on water some times.

Anyway, we are all happy to see something else than snow, and soon we might see some mountains in the distance. That would be a moment of pride!

After another 30km today the tents are now up, and the team is  melting snow to fill up all the thermoses for another day on the endless ice!

I think that whatever you look for in your life, you will find it here on Greenland! It has it all, pure medicine to walk and think for a month.

All good in Greenland.

Rune & Team 😊


Rune Krogh sent this message from: Lat 67.101016 Lon -48.556545

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