every day is different

Published 01.09 in category Greenland Fall 2015
Perhaps many of you would think this flat ice landscape we are skiing on is boring and without variation. But it is not!

Every day is different. The surface is changing as we are “climbing” up the gentle slope. Yesterday we passed an area that clearly had some heavy winds not long ago. The snow dunes were high and snow surface was packed. Now we are in an area that has quite a bit of fresh fluffy snow.

The clouds too, are everything from very dramatic to totally flat with whiteout.

And we are not even alone out here. Now and then we can hear or even see airplanes roaring over the ice. Today we had a special visitor – a small grey and pink bird. Later on we saw a formation of geese migrating east to their winter homes.

Bengt, Rogier, Thomas, Morten and Polona


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