Everything well and on our way North

Published 17.04 in category North Pole 2014


Odd Ingve and Pulkas

There is steam in the air, light snowflakes made by the moisture are drifting in the wind, and we know that we have open water in front of us. One lead after another we manage to cross fairly easy. But finally a knife cut in the ice, not wide, but enough that we have to make a choice left or right. We’re going right, for kilometres of skiing, one after another. Then suddenly a place which is closer between the edges. Time to dress up for the water.
I crossed in the swimsuit and towed the Pulkas, fixed as a catamaran with Odd Ingve on top, over the lead. The whole operation took some time, but at least we are heading North.

This morning we could hear ice crushing together only some hundred meters away from our tent. We checked it right away and found the situation safe enough that we could have a proper breakfast before we took down the camp. Weather has been good to us throughout the day.
Now we have 59k’s to the pole, beautiful weather and a warm tent. The team has happy feet! Listening to music in the tent after a great dinner!
Bengt : )

Our location: Lat89deg30’31” Lon131deg51’31” Alt +10 m (1m26s ago) 17-Apr-2014 06:25:22

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