Exceeding expectations

Published 17.01 in category South Pole 2009

We are relaxing in our tents after a long, hard day. Rather than the beautiful weather we had yesterday, we fought our way forward against typical Antarctic weather: southeasterly wind and drifting snow. It has been cold and miserable – but we have progressed 28 km. This exceeds our goal for the day, which was 25.

These youngsters may be exhausted, but our tempo proves they’re obviously in better shape than I expected! Nicholas went out like a light once he crawled into his sleeping bag. We shall get a good night’s sleep and be ready for the second leg tomorrow. If all goes well, we shall reach the South Pole in the course of four days.

We are travelling with Mike, but ahead of him since we are moving faster. He reached camp a bit later in the evening. Mike is pulling a far heavier pulk, packed with lots more equipment; he plans to use kite and ski-sail on his back to Patriot Hills. We are travelling with quite light pulks, since our expedition ends at the South Pole.

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