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I just landed on Greenland. Sigrid and I are in Kulusuk. Are. Kine and Nicolay on a wale safari on Iceland. I just spoke to Are on the phone and he was very enthusiastic about the safari. Since they all are talking about hot springs, i have a feeling they will go to the Blue Lagune after the safari trip. Juan and Sigve are hopefully in the airplane, headed for Iceland, as I write.
I remember very well my first chat with Lars (Ebbesen) a decade a go, just before my first Greenland crossing. He was taking about the polar expedition university.


– The fall trip across the icecap. It is a trip that give you everything: a boat ride with view to big icebergs, seals and wales might be seen on our way to the droop off. Then the beautiful icefall with small melting rivers in thousands. Zig zag around cracks and bumps in the middle part of the icefall and finally the mother of all cracks – the big crevasses with snow bridges on top of the icefall. Then your head will get 14 days of R&R to search you soul, as your body do all the work getn you across the icecap it self. Just about the same time you`ve got answered the question about life, you start to decent into the western icefall. A new party of melting rivers, but this time they all run into a great canyon, and your goal is to find a proper bridge to cross. After the canyon, bumps starts again and you´ll soon look for the famous “Height six sixty” –


It has been quite a few trips since Lars gave me beautiful pictures in my head about the “Fall Crossing”, and every time I come back home with even more beautiful pictures. I hope this year will be the same!
Tomorrow everybody should be here on Greenland and in a few days we will be on our way across the icecap. We will give you daily updates in the blog.


All the best!  – Bengt

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