expedition = unknown territory :-)

Published 28.05 in category Antarctic Heritage trust across Greenland 2018
They are now into a part of the trip where under normal season conditions one can easily do way more than 30 Km. But this year they have had to fight for every Km. And touching 30 is a reality and and exceptional feat…
The downside is that they are behind expected progress. The upside is that they really will venture into the mental and physical unknown – and I am sure will give great rewards – in hindsight 🙂
As can be seen from the weather prognoses, they will have more headwind, clouds and snowfall in the coming days. Lets just hope it opens up before the end so that they can savor the extreme beauty of the east cast with its icefall, nunataks and myriade if icebergs out in the sea !
Cheers, Lars, the weather wizard.

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