Eye of the Storm

Published 08.09 in category X'Greenland 2012

www.dmi.dk har a great weather service for Greenland with weather maps, wind maps and Satellite photos. Go and have a look!

Day 15, Friday 7th September: A brilliant day! And for the first time they had no strong headwind, no deep snow, no whiteout. Just a clear sky and even a small draft from behind. This did immediately add to the distance and they duly did 36,6 kilometres leaving then just 54,8 km short of DYE II.
But they had to confess to being a bit tired this morning. It was hard work yesterday, and Bengt described it as a day in the Antarctic Plateau with the cold and the headwind. They all got a few small frostbites in their faces. Nothing big, just a reminder to stay focused.
As you see on the weather map, they are in the eye of a lot of low pressures. They will enjoy a couple of more days with the high pressure managing to stay on top of the ice before the bad weather out west will start to dominate. This will give some severe winds and snow in the western part – an area they are approaching fast. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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