Fabulous weather in spitsbergen !

Published 19.04 in category Newtontoppen April 2018

Day 1 – Thursday 17th:

Maria, Bronwyn, Luc and I left Longyearbyen driving snowscooters  together with Bard and Trond, both in charge of our logistic. All our equipment was loaded on two trailers towed by the machines. We drove through the Adventalen valley first, and just a few turns later, we were on the sea ice of Templefjord. It’s 2 pm, we are at the drop off point on the upper part of Von Post glacier. We look at the amazing scenery. It’s blue bird and the snowy mountains are all around us. Time to say good bye to Bard and Trond who did an excellent job. “See you in 10 days!” goes Trond. We ski up for about 4 and set camp on top of a hill. The view is precious. The silence too. We organise ourselves and find our marks. Soon we’ll have a good routine.

Day 2 – Wednesday 18th:

What a good feeling when you wake up in the morning and open the vestibule to see the sky without a single cloud. We were up and skiing at 9. Very good timing from the team. For the ones who ignore it, we do this trip as a training for an expedition to the Antarctic peninsula by the end of the year, together with Luc, Bronwyn, Maria and myself. The time flew away on this magical place where we could admirate the shape of the mountains. It’s already 17:30, we just skied 17,5 km. It’s a good second day! We are 49km away from Newton mountain. We were 74km yesterday. Tents are up, tripwire is one. The stoves Are burning and we enjoy the sunset. Luxury! And we breathe a fresh and clean air. It’s -15c.

Bonne nuit!

Vince and the team with Luc, Bronwyn and Maria.

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