Fade to blue!

Published 23.08 in category Greenland Fall crossing Team Wen Xu / Bård

Another day uphill today.

We took the final steps out of the icefall and are officially «up» on the plateau. Still we have had to zig-zag through some crevasse fields today, but no problems.

Last night we got maybe 2 cm of wet snow that gave us some sticky skis in a couple of rounds. From really flat light conditions in the morning the weather gradually fade to almost clear sky in the afternoon. We went about 15 km today and have put up camp with some ice walls to protect us from the strong winds expected tomorrow morning. We will stay here until maybe mid day tomorrow, but we’ll see.

Camping at 1400 masl.

Cheers from the Chufa!! Expedition!


Bård Helge Strand sent this message from: Lat 65.923322 Lon -39.17628


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