Published 29.08 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016
Yesterday we left our tents with the yells of Huzza and Yeeha! Steffen proclaimed ” This is a GREAT DAY!”

This morning it was a more “OK, we need to unbury our equipment.” Cold winds from the side and a sharp drop in temperature, but the sun was shining and we had a beautiful sky. After the first leg, we had adjusted our clothing and things were going good. Steffen now declared that this was indeed “FANTASTIC WEATHER”

The snow was moving fast above the ground, like looking on the surface from an airplane. It is really a strange place to be, like the top of the world.


The spirit within the group is high and we are enjoying our time at the plateau.

Now we are again in our cozy tents, welcomed by the homely smell of wet socks ever growing in strength and number…


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