Fifty shades of white

Published 22.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

We woke to the perfect powder, after yet another night of snowfall. Perfect… if we were to spend the day making snow angels or go downhill skiing, but not the dream come true for seven pulka trekkers.

With yet another white out, it all felt and looked like only one shade of white, as if we were walking with a sheet of paper stuck to our googles.

We were all happy to find that the boot repair of Peters right boot still held up nicely, not enough to let it loose in the loose snow up front, but enough to rename him “the mule of London”.

As there were only three qualified trail blazers today (the ones with whole boots, happy feet and no diarrhea…), we were grateful for some weight taken away, as it made it easier to take more turns up front in the deep snow and no visibility.

The wind picked up, and around 6 pm when we were arguing with the compass over a right and a left turn, while some people were beginning to imagine polar bears coming out of the white sheet we had been staring at the whole day, we decided to put up camp. 

We spent the evening in camp 21 with a good dinner while dreaming of a nice english breakfast, and we’re going to bed hoping for a sunny tomorrow with firmer stools and stronger legs.

We’re living up to our team name “the happy campers” and we’ve all begun taking after Sebastian in quoting good old Bengt Rotmo: “it’s a hard life, but it’s a good one!”’ 😉

Sebastian Gjølstad sent this message from: Lat 66.117032 Lon -42.167265

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