Fighting the ice giants

Published 07.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013
Today has been another day in between the ice giants of the Jorge Mont glacier, We now have to enter the middle of the glacier to get to the ramp that will take us to the plateau.

Last night Ola and I were out searching for a route, we thought we saw a possible way, and tried that this morning. Unfortunately it was too crevassed and dangerous, so we had to retreat after spending five hours fighting the ice. Then we scouted another route and this time found a good and safe way.

Skiing roped up into huge snow filled crevasses, we spend the other half of the day moving through and out onto flatter ground, where we are now camped.

Weather doesn’t look very good for tomorrow, but we will try to find a route up the ramp and to the plateau, hopefully with one load of equipment.
All is well, and spirits are high, it’s a hard trip, with lots of challenges, but that’s Patagonia. At least the scenery is beautiful.

Our position: Lat-48deg25’58” Lon-73deg34’31” Alt +615 m (6s ago) 07-Nov-2013 00:57:06 UTC

Borge, from Southern Patagonia Icecap



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