Final day, 29th…

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The morning that may be the last morning of the trip is always a bit special. We got up at 5am and were ready to start. Clouds and snow made the beginning of the day into a whiteout morning, but it got better.
After about an hour skiing we got into the lower icefall and with just over 10km between us and land we were in good spirit!
The lower icefall however, may put the spirit to the test of even the most experienced… With the progress going as slow as 1km per hour at times we had to put up all our remaining energy to get through those final few km.
At 6pm we came over the final line of exposure and could see straight down towards point 660 and the road. 2.5 km to go. Almost three hours later we mounted headlamps to our foreheads and did the last 20 minutes in darkness before finally reaching land at 9:05pm.
After camping by the edge of the icecap we were picked up at 8:30 am and the next stop was Kangerlussuaq for beer, showers and a visit to the good old Roklubben restaurant for some real food!!
The expedition is successfully over. The whole team made it without any bigger problems. This has been a real fall crossing, with a lot of challenging weather and conditions. We still managed to keep our heads cool and did every day without pushing or stressing. Only the last couple of days we pushed on a little to make sure we made it down today.
All in all: a very well executed expedition!
Cheers for the last time from the G.I.N. Expedition




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