Finse training 2014

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Training camp, smiles and a lot of weather.
To cross the Greenland Icecap you need a bit of practice.
This is why a part of The Greenland-team 2014 spent this weekend in Finse. To practice and repeat details, so that everyone knows what to do when we are “out in the field”
Luckily we got winds up to 20 m/sec and some snow, so everyone got to feel what may come in Greenland. And even though the winds where strong the team experienced that if the routines are good, you are safe out there, and can have a quite comfortable journey nevertheless.
It was Gunnar, Petter and Mari that joined me on this training trip. A group of happy campers, with a lot of experience between them. Thanks for a fantastic weekend.
A week later I met up with Gareth(Wales) and Sanna(Finland) in Oslo. They borrowed some gear for their training trip in Finse. We had a nice chat over a couple of cups of coffee before they headed for the Norwegian mountains. The report from after the trip says they had some nice days up there.
Both Gareth and Sanna  are experienced Arctic Travellers, as they both have spent a lot of time outdoors. And are used to freezing from their stay an Antarctica.
Next time the team will meet, we are in Greenland.
Looking forward to it folks.
See you,
Are Johansen.




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