first day moving in the Ice

Published 22.08 in category Greenland Fall 2018

Today we started with breakfast around 7:30 after this rather short night. We could still enjoy the view back to the bay where we came from yesterday and then got our pulkas ready to start moving. Then, with crampons on our feet, the time had come to leave civilization and head out onto the ice !

The sleds are heavy to pull, but it felt really good to finally start what we have all prepared for so long. Rune led us steadily up the glacier and after 3 legs of 1 hour each we ran into a lot of meltwater rivers and small canyons that we and our pulkas had to cross. Exhausting, but a lot of fun!

Now we have set up camp, are all happily in our tents and eating a lot. A great start!

Anja on behalf of the team that is yet unnamed – but some wild ideas have come up already 🙂

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