First steps south

Published 06.12 in category Jubilee Last Degree

Monday evening: After the log flight out, they were dropped safely onto the Polar Plateau in perfect conditions. Hardly any wind, blue sky and good conditions.  Quite a few of them felt the height. Not only is the flight out in 12.000 feet in un-pressurized cabins, but the Plateau is at 2700m and due to the earth rotation that I the same as almost 4000m in the Himalayas.

After the plane left, they harnessed up and walked a few kilometres just to get the feel of the real Antarctica. It felt good, but hard. Then it was time to camp, and with the radiating Antarctic sun baking the tents, it was nice, warm and great to be inside for dinner and some chat.

Tomorrow they plan to walk just a few km as alimentation continues.

The first camp! Simply stunning.

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