Flat out on his back

Published 13.07 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

Today is the 13th of July and Day 73 of our expedition. We are still on Tikhaya Bay, Hooker Island. Our meteorologist is reporting bad weather, with heavy winds tomorrow. So we decided to wait here, rather then continue further out to what would be a more exposed campsite.

There are many interesting things to see here, lots of old buildings. People have lived and died here, and there is quite a lot of junk and debris left behind. So for many reasons it’s more exciting to wait here than to wait further out for the storm. We’ll be fine here until it blows over… …to Northbrook Island and Cape Floor. We need a couple of days of good weather to wait for the drifting ice to slow down. Thomas and I have to be sure. And our timeframe allows us to wait.

We’re feeling “almost 100%”. Thomas got a bad chink in his back. When he started to lift and carry something out here, his back just made a loud “pop”. Now he’s in pain – probably a couple of vertebrae clinching a nerve. He’s flat out in the tent and in need of nursing. Sorry to say… But I am sure he is so motivated that we’ll be fine …don’t think it will be a major problem. But for the time being he’s hurting and in need of a bit of consolation as well.

Other than that, our spirits are tops. I’ll have a new report for you in the morning.

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