Flying out

Published 30.11 in category Igor & Victor

FRIDAY: Finally the wait was over! Igor and Victor was flown by Twin Otter from Union Glacier, over the South Pole and to Amundsen’s 54th Camp. From here they will start their quest to reach the South Pole at the 100 Years anniversary of Amundsen’s conquering along his route.

It will not be an easy task as they start at almost the highest point where big altitude, headwind and sever cold will mean they need time just to acclimatise and get up to speed.

The reason for them doing this trip alone is the very long delay caused by weather and technical issues. They had planned to start out with Christan Eide and the Ousland Team, but as Igor’s wife is expected to the South Pole for the 14th, they made the hard decision to break away and go alone.

By this they have shortened the distance somewhat and given themselves a fair chance of reaching the Jubilee in time, while still following on the ski tracks of Roald Amundsen from 1911. We will follow them here on

flying out

Igor and Victor in the Twin Otter

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