Forgetting the time…

Published 05.07 in category In the Footsteps of Nansen

It’s become 5th of July by the time I give you this report. But it was 4. July when we started. Oh well, it gets confusing to keep track… Every day we’ve been sleeping two hours longer and starting later and later. Been pushing it a little bit later each day. So it’s rather late in the evening by the time we’ve packed up camp and are on the move again. Tomorrow is the last adjustment before we’re fully settled into our new rhythm. We’ll get up at 18.00; three hours later we’re on the go, continuing throughout the night. Instead of moving in the daytime like we did earlier. And it really works out well this way!

Our position is now N80˚42’28”, E55˚43’48”. We’re on Champ Island – and we’ve had a great day! Thomas and I made up for a rather short leg yesterday. It’s not that we’re in a hurry, but we really made some progress today.

It’s been a very exciting and varied day. Yesterday we found a great campsite. Exquisite! There were lots of flowers on the plateau there. Dark burgundy coloured, bleeding to a deep green. There really is a fair bit of vegetation up here, not just an icy wilderness. And it’s really beautiful!

We skied across the ice toward Luigi Island, which we have to go around. After a while the wind picked up, so we raise our trusty old sail and sped across the ice. Water spray all around us! Because there was a lot of water on top of the ice. But the ice was good and solid. The two of us covered a good distance.

And between Luigi and Champ Islands there was a large area of open water, almost like a fjord. We figured we might as well keep going. So we joined our kayaks together and paddled 10 km over to Champ Island. That’s actually a bit of a detour for us, but we’re hoping it will be well worth it. On that island there is supposed to be a very exciting, rare geological phenomenon, which we hope to find in the morning.

Today we covered about 30 km. We pressed on for 11 hours – a bit longer than planned. But sometimes you just forget the time, because you keep moving. And that’s exactly what we’ve done today.

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