Published 31.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

You shouldn’t go against the nature. Thats what we always hear. Well today we feel we broke that rule. We had a constant headwind, but went forward as hard we could.

This morning, the wind still hammered on the tent. The sun came on the tentwall about the same time as the first kettle of water was ready. We took off  some minutes late since the camp was snowed down. Really glad we were able to move yesterday.
The wind has been so strong that we couldn’t speak properly to eachother. Most of the breaks has been with food in the hand, steering into the hazy sun. Above us the sky has been blue, down here a groundstorm. We are happy with 20 kilometers in distance today. But not so happy that the weather is supposed to be like this for a long time.
The expedition has got a name: expedition Marve .
In honor of Rolv Vesenlund a Norwegian comedian, who just died. His happy face suits well to this happy team.
Saludos, Bengt

Latest Position:

Lat66deg4’40” Lon-4deg45’33” Alt +1886 m (14s ago) 31-Aug-2013 00:40:04 UTC

Sigrid and Kine


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