Friday 28. August

Published 28.08 in category x'Greenland 2020

The day started at 07.00 today Greenland time. We got the rest of the packing done and got on the boat who would take us to our drop off point. It was a rough 4 hour boat trip today. Waves of 5-6 meters coming in all directions. But Salo, our boatman, was steady as a rock, and dropped us of at three o’clock. 
From the ocean and up you have to carry everything on to the ice. It is about 200m up, and apx. two kms. to carry, and you would have to walk that distanse four times to get all the food and equipment on to the ice. After six hours of this strainious Job, finally the kettel was on the stove, and dinner was in sight. 
Noe we lie quite comfortably in a shelter cabin just off the ice, listening to the wind and rain outside, thinking of what tomorrow will bring in terms of weather an visability. 
Good night from the “NUGGI-EXPEDITION” 

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