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Published 06.09 in category X'Greenland 2012

Day 12, beautiful, but things starting to happen overhead

Day 12 & 13, Wednesday 5th September: It has been two eventful days. Tuesday emerges nice, with a bit of wind and as they are almost at the highest point the terrain flattened out and that showed as they did 29 kilometres. It was a good day, though the temperature dropped quite a bit and was almost -30°C by the time they called it a day.
In the tent they were quite uncertain as they could expect a storm, but did not quite know when it would hit. The next morning, after a very cold night, the wind was up, but not that much.
They got out and managed to bang in 8,5 kilometres before the wind forced them to get the tent up. The last hour they had already had to deviate quite a bit form their optimal bearing due to the wind, – so it was time to get the feet up.
This they duly did. The bodies were starting to really feel the strain, so all in all this may have been not such a bad thing to happen. They day was very lazy with just the mandatory check and repair of equipment getting in the way of reading, sleeping, eating and chatting.
In the night the wind kept coming with the gusting hitting ever harder.
What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully the wind will have packed the snow really hard – and weakened so that they can be on their way again.

Day 13

Day 13 was a day of damage limitation

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