Getting colder…

Published 18.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013
17th of May
Another great day- 10 cm fresh powder, Good skiing and beautiful halos that circumnavigated the horizon. We often see halos (or sundogs  as some call it) in the Arctic but Bengt say he has never seen anything like yesterday, so it must have been very special. The atmosphere was filled with ice crystals, creating this phenomen.
Its gettimg colder as they are skiing higher and into the interior of the icecap. Bengt estimate the nighttime temperature to be around minus 35 C. But as soon as the sun climbs higher the temperature rises quickly. Bengt say its a really good team spirit, and its just smiles and happiness coming through the phone whenever they call in.
Camp position:
Lat+66.760083 Lon-047.559083 Alt +5085 ft (15s ago) 17-May-2013 22:06:53 UTC

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