Getting Ready

Published 26.08 in category X'Greenland 2012

Day 1, Friday 24th August 2012: They called in early in the morning while still enjoying the porridge. We did the last checks of the Iridium phones and trackers before they set off at 11:30 and headed up into the ice.
The boat ride with Salo the day before was very nice and easy. The fjord had some big icebergs that were a good reminder of where they are and what this is all about. Then they passed Isortoq around 16:00 and was set ashore at the bottom of the Isertoq fjord. Then they carried all their stuff up to the Local ‘Grill-Hut’. For once it was not messed up by either a Piteraq (a local Katabatic violent storm) or a local party, so they decided to stay in the hut. A short recognise trip and dinner before turning in and getting a good nights sleep.

The Trio on Salo's boat: Anastasia, Bengt (in the middle...) and Camilla

The Trio on Salo’s boat: Anastasia, Bengt (in the middle…) and Camilla


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