Going Home

Published 19.09 in category X'Greenland 2012

Dring back to Kangerlussuaq – and a meal!

Wednesday 19th September 2013: It all became pretty hectic between the mouthfuls. All the equipment was dried and packed before they were off to a long dinner sitting on chairs, at a table, drinking intoxicating fluids while just ordering food! Man has really come a long way.
Today it was a scramble to pack what is going to be left behind, visit the police and check in at time for the Air Greenland flight to Copenhagen. And at 20:00 this evening at Kastrup Airport it was end of the road. Camilla was off to Kirkenes via Oslo with SAS, Bengt straight to Trondheim with Norwegian and Anastasia to Montenego with Tyrolia Airways.
What’s for sure is that we had three happy campers! Thanks for following us.

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