good trip up here

Published 04.08 in category Spitsbergen crossing 2014

Our position for tonight:

Lat79deg43’40” Lon17deg5’56” Alt +438 m  04-Aug-2014 16:45:59 UTC

Had a good trip up here on the skydancer. Saw a group of walruses lying on the beach  and also a mother polar bear with a cub, but too far away for any good photo. Still great to see.
Lots of drift ice in the Hinlopen strait, captain told us to hurry up, which we did, and got onto the beach at 8 this morning. Glacier went all the way down to the sea here so we only had to carry 100 metre before we could pull.

The route we made based on sat maps was great, no crevasses and very little meltwater. Skied 16,3 km, are now at 700 metres. Weather good most of the day, we could see Nordaustlandet across the Hinlopen strait.

Greetings from Svalbard.



Downloading equipment on the beach


Vince and Borge in the tent

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