Goodbye Polar Plateau

Published 04.01 in category Amundsen South Pole 2011

2011 LOGOWednesday morning: Yesterday was another good day. They did another 82km before the wind died so they were happy again. The last days rolling landscape have taken them off the Polar Plateau as they have descended to about 1700 metres. That is more that 1100 metres down from the Pole and this makes the living much better. The temperature is up 10°C, the snow is better, the down west is off – it feels like summer!

Now they hope the wind that in the norm in this area will stay with them. The more the better. In strong wind they use the ski-sail, in less wind the kites. In very little wind they use 55 metre lines to get it high enough to catch the wind in the layer above. Not very easy, but once it is up there it is great.

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